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AOLISHA wedding dress 2018 China International Fashion Week new conference perfect ending 2017,07 Nov

November 3, 2017, AOLISHA 2018 SS "love in the name of" new debut again Mercedes-Benz China International Fashion Week and released special show. After many consecutive appearances of China International Fashion Week, AOLISHA  again opened the fashion week journey with the confident posture, Interpretationthe the AOLISHA concise fashion elegant to the fashion industry.

This time, AOLISHA in the name of love presents a fantasy modern wedding show. From the unique style of the T-Taiwan design to the new theme of "love in the name of" to create the model makeup, every second make the beautiful to suffocating, continuing the brand has always been the aura of aura.

Aolisha wedding dress

Love is a journey of happiness, wedding dress is a deep love of the witness, the wedding is another beginning to write love story. The designer explores the romance sotries in European history, derives inspiration from it, combines simplicity with romance, praises the warrior who overcomes suffering and finishes in the name of love.

Aolisha wedding dress

We are the Lace Wedding Dress, one shoulder flower wedding, Fashion leader in the world.Twelve years after the turn, the only constant is that AOLISHA has always focused on just one thing, that is, in the name of love, custom for love.