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Beauty of a hundred years: history of wedding dress evolution 2017,27 Sep

The wedding dress was first Western's proprietary, representing purity and beauty, so the bride must have been aware of the history of the lace wedding dress when she chose the wedding dress.

Bare chest dress worn by women in ancient Greece in the aristocratic 1700-- 1550 BC Mino three dynasties, and bell shaped skirts. Such a whole, tight fitting garment legend is the earliest form of wedding dresses.

In sixteenth Century the European Renaissance, the tight chest wrapped and skirt, since then, the concept of dress gradually become clear.

wedding dress

In the 17-18 century European period, a popular Baroque art, with lightweight slim richly luxurious Rococo art is applied to the wedding dress, showing the grand wedding and wedding dress of luxury and elegance.

lace wedding dress

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