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KNLY-2018 Knightley fashion group new product conference, let the world feel her charm bloom 2017,21 Jun

Knightly Fashion Group 2018 new conference successfully concluded. This season, the Group's "AOLISHA", "DEVEN", "SOPHIE KYLE", "Knightly" and "CHARMAINE" together portrait of 2018 new products.

AOLISHA 2018 # flower - language # series, tulle lace and beaded diamond, stitch show female gentle also faithful love, the perfect presents a visual feast.

With gentle veil, swaying exquisite embroidery flower; decorated with crystal smart manual nail bead, showing a bright and graceful beauty, these are the elements of the new DEVEN 2018.Knightly's "wings of hope" series is inspired by the colorful nature.

SOPHIE KYLE and this season's new theme: beautiful dream. Feathers, velvet, lace, silk and chiffon weave a romantic dream, like the spirit that wakes up from sleep. This season caters to the aesthetic needs of today's young, stylish and international: aesthetic, engaging and incorporating a few Chinese elements

CHARMAINE this season's new design theme: The Peony Pavilion, this season the extraction design inspiration from oriental culture and art masterpiece "the Peony Pavilion", combining with the process design skills and superb combination of modern and traditional form, suitable for Oriental female aesthetic ornate Oriental romantic style: focus on romance, inheritance and innovation the classic elements of noble, luxurious elegant.

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