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Combination of Chinese and Western elements, create perfect wedding dress 2017,13 Apr

Fashion has always been the use of elements of the field, the characteristics of the Chinese elements to the designers of endless inspiration.

Knightly 2017 spring and summer series, clever integration of Chinese elements in the wedding design, or relaxed, or fashion atmosphere. Like the high collar short sleeves lace applique wedding gown, it is the perfect embodiment. To go China culture communication design.

To dress for inspiration, perspective of lace and high collar cheongsam mix, foil vine flowers, let people enjoy the charm of Chinese elements.

The Chinese elements are rich and the western advanced materials are skillfully combined, so that people can see the beauty of fusion between China and the west. Knightly will bring you the perfect experience.

If you need the lace wedding dress, mermaid evening dress, illusion neckline short sleeves 3D floral applique wedding gown etc. Welcome to contact us.

high collar short sleeves lace applique wedding gown