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How many wedding dresses should be prepared for the wedding 2017,22 Mar

A romantic wedding, not only the need for sweet love, as long as the original, but also a few sets of beautiful wedding dress. How many sets of lace wedding dress should you wear on your wedding day?

1, the bride go out. You can wear a uniform white wedding veil, to choose lightweight, easy walking style.

2, The Bride Hotel welcome. You can choose a small drag or drag the trailer, like mermaid lace wedding dress, which can highlight the figure, but also to achieve the best results.

3, the wedding ceremony. The bride wore a princess strapless A-line wedding dresses slowly walked into the venue, in the attention of the time, must be stunning audience, especially in the hotel or outdoor wedding.

4, the bride toast. It can wear a simple dress, in order to represent the festive red, mainly due to the venue for the selection of suitable skirt.

princess strapless A-line wedding