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Is the Wedding Dress Rented Or Bought? 2018,27 Nov

Marriage is a big project. Whether it is physical strength, time or money, it is a huge project. However, cost is the top priority here. Every place is going to cost money. If you have money, you can do it. So for the new people of the working class, how to maximize the use of a piece of money to the most suitable place, so that your wedding is grand and affordable, and we buy a wedding dress such as our Short Sleeve Round Collar Inllusion Lace Applique Ball Gown once in a lifetime? Still renting?

Short Sleeve Round Collar Inllusion Lace Applique Ball Gown

For a lifetime of weddings, most brides may want to buy a wedding dress of their own, but most men will think that this may be a waste of money. After all, it will not be worn once, and it is better to pay for it. A high-end one comes to wear.

If the rental wedding dress is damaged, such as a cigarette butt, the store will charge a certain fee, if the particularly serious Hu is charged according to 30% of the rental price. Therefore, prospective new people who rent wedding dresses must be careful, and must be extra careful when not in use.

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