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What Should You Pay Attention to After Cleaning Your Wedding Dress? 2018,23 Nov

After the wedding dress is cleaned, sorted and collected:

Care should also be taken when arranging wedding dresses such as Illusion Shoulder Blue Embroidery Lace Applique Ball Gown. The heat sensitivity of the sequins should be tested before applying steam or heat. If you can, take off a piece of sequins and try it with steam. Pay attention to the curling or discoloration of the sequins, and do not iron on the beads and sequins. Ironing should pay attention to the wedding fabric first, know the temperature required for the fabric to be ironed. Precautions:

1. If you are afraid of high temperature deformation, you can put a thin coat on the wedding dress as a compartment before ironing.

2. The temperature should not be too high. Direct ironing temperature is not easy to exceed 70 degrees.

3. It is recommended to use a steamer.

After the wedding dress such as Strapless Emboridery Lace Applique Ball Bown Wedding Gown has been washed and dried, it can be stored in a cool and dry place, such as a closet or a box for storing clothes. Remember, don't hang up your wedding dress, because after years, the force will stretch the fabric and deform it.

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