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Why Are Wedding Dresses Mostly White? 2018,17 Nov

Wearing a wedding dress such as our A-line Wedding Gown when you are married is a Western tradition. When you are married, wearing a wedding dress means that the bride is holy and innocent, and it means that it will be bright and flat in the future. In China, it means the lily. For a hundred years, the bride in the wedding dress such as A-line Wedding Gown is like a lily fairy, white and pure. This is like why the ancient Chinese marriage was to wear a red wedding dress.
The history of white wedding dresses has a history of more than one hundred and sixty years. In 1840, Queen Victoria transformed traditional and luxurious costumes into brocade dresses, and with orange veil, the whole world was sensational. From 1850 to 1900, white became a symbol of wealth. At the beginning of the 20th century, white represented pureness. In many wedding dresses, white became the first choice.

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