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What Are The Wedding Dresses Made Of? 2018,06 Nov

As a Wedding Gowns Wholesale, we want to tell you that the wedding dress has the following materials:

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(1) lace: it is generally used as the decoration and ornament pattern of the edge, and can be used on the dress body and hem of the wedding dress from the Best Lace A-line Wedding Dresses wholesale. The design is beautiful, the craft is unique, through the fine processing, the pattern and pattern has the slight floating convex effect, the touch is more gentle, the price has the different price according to the lace type. Relatively expensive.

(2) spinning/man-made fibers: the fabrics are clean and crisp, not easy to wrinkle, affordable and popular. The downside is a bit of confinement

At present, the basic material used in the market is polyester and rayon blended fabric

(3) chiffon: the fabric is light and elegant, with flexible silk and light and light characteristics. It feels soft and looks fresh and cool. It is more suitable for summer wear.

(4) pure silk: wedding dress made of noble and elegant silk material is suitable for the design of elegant courtly wedding dress. But the price is more expensive, and easy to wrinkle, need careful care.

(5) oken yarn: also known as koen yarn, it is hard in texture and has a sense of support. Most wedding dresses designed by French designers use this material. At present, it is also widely used in China. By most bride's favorite peng peng skirt in the tough lining plus two to three layers of organza gauze, let marriage gauze stand up, present a romantic princess atmosphere.

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