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Alan with Mermaid Lace Wedding Dress attend the music festival 2018,26 Oct

Alan with Mermaid Lace Wedding Dress participated in the 2018 National Wind Music Festival and Xuanwuji Concert in Nanjing. At this event, Alan sang a new single "Peach Blossoms" to kick off the concert climax. On the stage, Alan wore a long white gauze wedding dress, and the sleek body of the lace gauze was looming. The fluffy ponytail curls added a sense of youth. The sweet and full voice instantly awakened the audience's ears and the voice twirled. Delicate, like a gentle talk between men and women, affectionate. Netizens have swiped the screen to "sweet people are sweet"!

It is reported that the program "Chinese Songs Club" participated by Alan has completed the recent recording. The program will be launched on October 11th and broadcast on Sichuan Satellite TV at 20:30 every Thursday. At that time, Alan will break the traditional folk style singing. Combine the popular aesthetic style and re-interpret it, let us have her wonderful performance together!

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