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About Guangzhou Wedding Fair 2018,12 Sep

Today, Knightly Fashion Group will meet with you as scheduled, this time we have brought the most cutting-edge wedding dresses, all kinds of popular styles, let you have a good time!

The crowds are like a weaving scene, and new people are carefully picking their favorite wedding gowns to be a beautiful bride.

Knightly's Lace Wedding Dresses are unique in terms of style design and workmanship. Each wedding dress has its own unique meaning. We also arrange the best sales consultants in a thoughtful manner, so that we can choose the yarn for the bride on the one-on-one scene. Professional advice in the process.

In order to push the atmosphere to the climax, the staff carefully planned the “Challenge Ten Seconds” mini-game, and the winners can get different gifts according to the level, so that the new people can return home.

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