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Which Kind Of Wedding Dress Is Right For You? 2018,06 Aug

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We need to understand our body

1, Banana type / Rectangular type

The body shape is proportionate, but the waist line is not obvious. The shoulders to the hips are almost in a straight line. Simple and rude: You don't have a waist.

2, Apple type / Inverted triangle

The upper body is more plump and broad, and the lower body is slimmer. Simple and rude: Your shoulders are not ass.

3, Pear type

The upper body is relatively slim and the lower body is fuller. Simple and rude: You narrow your shoulders or simply slip your shoulders.

4, Hourglass type

Has a distinct line, shoulder and hip width. Simple and rude: You have a wide buttocks and a small waist.

Pick the wedding dress that suits you best:

A: Banana type / rectangular type

Option 1: A-shaped wedding dress     Option 2: Improved A-line skirt     Option 3: Straight dress

B: Apple type / inverted triangle type

Option 1: knee-length skirt     Option 2: Puff skirt wedding dress     Option 3: Fishtail Skirt

C: Pear type

Option 1: Improved A-line skirt     Option 2: A-shaped wedding dress     Option 3: Puff skirt wedding dress

D: Hourglass type

Option 1: Puff skirt wedding dress     Option 2: Straight dress     Option 3: Fishtail Skirt

After determining the style,

Just pick and try out the wedding dress that suits you!

It’s all about the most important and beautiful day in life.

How can these small skills not get up?

A-line Wedding Dress