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How To Choose a Wedding Dress For a Petite Bride? 2018,14 Jun

In order to appear slim, you may consider selecting a white gauze wedding dress with a high waist and pleating at the waist to stretch the body line; you may also choose a waist-lined, low-rise waist design to increase the sense of slenderness. In addition, you can choose to tighten the chest A-line lace court train wedding dress for the upper body, you will look fresh and refined; you can also choose to change the upper body design.

With taboos:

Pay attention to avoid long skirts and wedding dresses, so as not to give people a feeling of light weight. The rotator cuff design should also avoid excessive exaggeration. For example, a large bubble sleeve or a large lotus leaf, a small French short-sleeved or strapless brassiere can be chosen.

Recommended with:

The princess of layered layered yarn + puff skirt is the best choice for petite brides. It will make you look extraordinarily cute.

A-Line Lace Court Train Wedding Dress