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You Must Know The Lace In Wedding Dress 2018,04 Jun


Venise Lace is similar to Alencon Lace, but Venise Lace's flowers are more embroidered than Alencon Lace, and their flowers are arranged in a geometric pattern that feels more neat. Its texture is harder and stiffer than Alencon Lace. It is usually used to embellish wedding dress, collars and cuffs. It is also used to embellish the veil edges. Its independent flower float pattern can be cut out for wedding dress decals. Sleeveless beaded belt lace body tulle wedding gown is a typical one.


Spanish Lace is a lace embroidered with lace on the net. It is very easy to recognize and is usually used as a fabric for shawls, veils, or white wedding dresses. In addition to weaving with white threads, some Spanish Lace will be woven with gold or silver threads, even more luxurious.


Eyelet Lace is a lace weaved from cotton. There are eye-like holes in the lace. The edges of each hole are line skirts. The small holes converge on the cotton and combine into a simple pattern. However, wedding dresses made with EyeletLace have a bit of an idyllic feel that is visually not elegant enough, and will usually only be used to make outdoor short wedding dresses, flower dresses, and even light skirts.

Sleeveless Beaded Belt Lace Body Tulle Wedding Gown