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Do You Know Lace In a Wedding Dress? 2018,31 May


Guipure Lace is a kind of lace without bottom net support. It mainly uses lines to connect large flowers and leaf figs. The figure is thicker and obviously embossed. It is generally used as a key embellishment, such as the back of a wedding dress, collar or hand sleeve position. A-line lace court train wedding dress is a popular one.

Pointd’Esprit Lace

Pointd’Esprit Lace is one of the most recognizable French laces. Because it is a web woven from yarn, it is very light, and the net is usually decorated with large and small dots, usually used to make veils.


Duchesse Lace from Belgium presents an irregular embossed floral figure. Duchesse Lace's weaving method is a line-by-piece piece of floral imagery. Therefore, the wire mesh will be rough and irregular, which is generally used to produce wedding dresses with heavier pastoral feel. Lace wedding dress can make you more charming.

A-Line Lace Court Train Wedding Dress