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Lace In Wedding Dress 2018,24 May

Lace is the most important element of a wedding dress, and can best highlight the personality and temperament of the wedding dress. When choosing the perfect wedding dress, you must know the following words!

1. ChantillyLace

French lace is divided into four categories: Chantilly Lace, Alencon Lace, Guipure Lace and Point d 'EspritLace. Chantilly Lace is one of the softest and lightest textures in the country, usually in cotton, nylon and man-made fibers ( Artificial fibre) is made from a blend of flowers and features a network of flowers. The designer likes to use Chantilly Lace as a shawl and embellishes a plain wedding dress that does not have much embellishment. 

2. AlenconLace

Alencon Lace is produced in a small town called Alencon in France and is one of the most popular French laces. This lace is made of silk and linen (Linen) woven flowers and a variety of spiral maps, and then set the map inlaid on the mesh fabric. Its texture is slightly heavier than Chantilly Lace. Therefore, Alencon Lace is generally used in a wedding dress style that emphasizes structure. A-line lace court train wedding dress is a perfect one.

A-Line Lace Court Train Wedding Dress