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Choose The Material For The Wedding Dress 2018,17 May

Yarn quality

The yarns used in wedding dress are nothing more than mesh yarns, organza yarns, and glass yarns. If there is no special request for the wedding dress itself, generally speaking, it will require a light, transparent, soft and smooth feel. In addition, depending on the type of yarn, there are specific requirements. For example, organza, is the feeling of wanting. A-line lace court train wedding dress is an example. The glass yarn must be transparent enough, and shiny must have enough refraction and so on.


A good satin should have a soft luster, a bony feel, enough weight, and strong support. In this way, whether it is used as a lining cloth or a face cloth, it can perfectly support the inherent shape of the skirt. This weighty texture does not make the overall wedding look very light. Therefore, in the first impression it will reflect its own very luxurious feeling.

A-Line Lace Court Train Wedding Dress