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Avoid The Lack Of Posture When Choose a Wedding Dress 2018,14 May

The figure is relatively thin, as long as the China wedding dress highlights the beauty of woman's curves, it can also look good. The important point is that as long as the difference between the bust and waist circumference is 8 to 13 inches, you can achieve a visually inverted triangle.

As for the method of concealing the neck length, a choker can be worn, and the hair must not be completely bundled up. It is best to do some curling so that the focus is dispersed. Veil is one of the ways to cover the length of the neck. In addition, it is recommended that the bride with a long neck should avoid wearing best lace A-line wedding dresses with a high neck, so that the neck will look longer.

Best Lace A-line Wedding Dresses