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What Is The Difference In The Length Of Trailing Wedding Dresses? 2018,21 Mar

The length of the trailing wedding dresses is different.

Small tail is 60 - 80 cm (from waist to skirt).

Small tails are symbolically dragged to the ground, and the bride can drive the tail's agility during every wedding move, making the overall effect of the bride more elegant. Taking into account the wedding day, you need to walk around, make-up, floats, be held by the bridegroom, welcome toast ... under all kinds of big moves, wearing a trailing wedding dress is really not convenient, but in order to try to make yourself have a Romantic, perfect wedding ceremony, the brides may wish to customize a small trailing wedding dress, both romantic and relatively convenient. Sleeveless V-neckline lace applique ball gown wedding dress maybe your choice.

Medium trailing is 120-150 cm.

The length of the trailer is best for walking on the red carpet. It does not require a flower girl, nor does it have to worry about being stepped on to cause embarrassment. In addition, be sure to find a diligent bridesmaid to help you complete get on and get off the car, take the stairs, take pictures, etc. 

Big tail

At least 12 feet in length and 366 centimeters in length can be counted as big tails. In other words, the drag on the ground is more than 2.5 meters ! V-neckline beaded a-line tulle wedding dress is a very popular one.

V-neckline beaded a-line tulle wedding dress