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Look Forward To New Products 2018,09 Mar

Inspired by Paris in the twentieth century, the new series wedding dress is coming. A large number of artists gathered here, it gives birth to innumerable works of art and ideas, and countless fashion designers through here go to the world, so it is still the hall of clothing event.

This season's products, such as V neckline sleevesless ball gown tulle wedding dress lace, pay tribute to the masters of Paris, mainly express the retro futurism - industrial age classicism and the new fashion trend of the collision. The pursuit of women's perception of the world, aesthetic, long-lasting cognitive time and space.

This season's product design inspiration from the "Alps Girls". Elements extracted from the Alps in the mystery, so this season's products to have innocence, girls, fresh and diverse features. A very Romantic youthful style - light and shy skirt full of innocent girl's breath, when the flowers climbed the body and it added a touch of charm.

Gurgling water, grass, dragonflies flying, bird fell in love, waterfalls straight diarrhea, dancing butterfly ting ... people feel like being immersed in this piece of dreams, a mirror of the moon among the secret. Free from the real and illusory; fuzzy concept of time and space; derived from the universe of the future world, which is full of infinite reverie. Imitation as a mysterious situation, as if we came to the fantasy kingdom, involuntarily explored the beauty of nature and thought.

v neckline sleevesless ball gown tulle wedding dress lace